Dec 2, 2011

Floating to the surface

I do an exercise with my clients that involves them meditating (getting still) for just 5 minutes a day. What happens in this 5 minutes can open a gateway for the things we ultimately work on in the coaching sessions.
In this 5 minutes I ask them to just sit comfortably and get quiet, have a pencil and paper handy and literally just see what is "up there". What are the thoughts which come up again and again.

What ends up happening is what I liken to bubbles floating to the surface of water. Most of my clients will think about the usual stuff first. Their job, their career, their family, relationships then will come some unexpected stuff like things from the past, worry about the future and "nagging voices that don't shut up".

They wonder what on earth they are thinking some of this stuff for. Where does it come from?
I believe it comes from the subconscious mind. Whilst we may be consciously aware of many things, our subconscious mind is the mind which takes over when you are having a great conversation with someone whilst driving and then you get to your destination with almost no recollection of actually driving there (hey, it happens).
When we still our brain by becoming mindful and present to the thoughts, the stuff we have literally been ignoring and stuffing down for possibly years floats right back to the surface. It has always been there (like our beliefs) but we have cloaked it and covered it up for fear of what it might bring out into the open.

However, if you bring it out, hold it gently in your hands and examine it as you would with a newborn, you'll find that it may have ten fingers and toes yet no mouth to speak. You may have been holding it under for so long but when you give yourself the gift of dealing with it, your life may change for the better.
I have known people in the past who, when examined things that had been keeping them unhappy and unfulfilled for years, broke up challenging relationships, moved on from social situations no longer nourishing them and went on new adventures. Some where hard and fraught with tears and pain but ultimately ended in joy. This may not be the same for everyone, we may examine then choose something we perceive was the wrong thing but if we feel lighter, freer and peaceful then our inner wisdom has been heard.
That part of us that knows exactly what we need to do but is held back by fear of what might happen.

Allowing things to float to the surface can be daunting but ask yourself what you are getting from ignoring something that could ultimately give you resentments and regret.

I am running a Beginner's Meditation Course in Wellington NZ every Wednesday from 25th January 2012. Will you come be quiet with me?

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