Dec 12, 2011

Celebrate Your 2011

I wanted to talk about achievements.

We spend so much time at the end of a year thinking about how we want the next year to go. Many people start thinking about resolutions they will make for the New Year then beat themselves up when they don't fully commit to what they had planned for themselves. We've all been there at some point I am sure.

We are so busy with this planning stage that sometimes we forget to reflect on all the amazing achievements we had the year just passed. This saddens me as we don't celebrate all the wonderful things we have done. I would greatly encourage us all to do this- CELEBRATE YOU!!!

Take a few minutes to reflect and perhaps write down the answers to the following questions:

  • What one thing did I do very well in 2011?
  • When was my proudest moment?
  • What made others stop and thank me?
  • What amazing thing did I do for someone else?
  • What was my career highlight?
  • What was my personal highlight?
  • What change did I make for the better?
  • What was something I failed at but learnt something from?
  • What opportunity arose for me?
  • How many times did I surprise myself?
  • What one small moment made me smile?
Now look back over what you have written and simply know that you did your best with what you had and knew and now you can build on these successes with flow in 2012. Now go do something nice for yourself ♥

I usually pick a theme for the year ahead once I celebrate the past year. I usually don't wait till NY to make resolutions or a list of goals, why wait for that date? Celebrate your life in the small moments of everything with LOVE and you'll be okay :)