Dec 14, 2011

Get CrEAaTiVe

This is for anyone who wants to quit playing small and start igniting their fire!

I recently purchased Your Big Beautiful Book Plan. When I purchased it I also got a copy of:

I loved them both so much and have found them so very informative, inspirational and brimming with excellence that I became an affiliate for the products. This means that if you click on the links to your right (in the sidebar) I get a wee kickback (which is nice).

Danielle sizzles in style and oozes amazingness to get your creative juices flowing in the Spark Kit and both her and Linda do an amazing job at getting the ideas flowing and awesome insider info for creating book ideas and proposal plans in Your Big Beautiful Book Plan!!

All up, two fantastic kits that cost just $150 each. I tell you...I would have paid more. they were worth every dollar :)

So naturally I want to tell you all about them!!

You can find out more about Danielle LaPorte here. She has amazing blog posts so check her out!!