Mar 12, 2009

Tolle Seminar

As I sit listening to the beautiful rain outside and a dog's distant bark, I wish to share with you all some thoughts on the recent Eckhart Tolle seminar that I experienced on Tuesday evening.

The moment he walked up to the stage a hush descended on the audience. He took his seat and paused for a few moments before beginning to speak. When he did so I was struck by how calming his presence was in the room. He joined us in laughter, with his infectious giggle which reminded me of youth, he spoke of his own spiritual awakening at age 29, he spoke of stillness and now-ness, of consciousness and suffering.

He spoke of how some of us continuously live in the future (always looking for the next moment) and the past (always looking at past hurt or suffering), how there seems to be no separation from the voice in your mind and you, how each of us carries with us a story by which we define ourselves (how I can relate to that one) and that we live by doing things as a means to an end.
The state of disharmony we feel because we tell ourselves "I'll be content/happy when...." and when the moment comes we go onto the next thing.

Eckhart said that suffering takes you to a place of realisation. Suffering eventually wakes you up!
This rang true for me. For the past 15 years I have carried a story around and did let it define me and direct my life. I have been on a journey in the past couple of years but can honestly now say that I am grateful that the incident happened because it has allowed me to become the person I am today.

He also spoke of feeling good for no apparent reason, how we are not our thoughts rather the space for them, of making the present moment your friend.

How can this all be done?

By looking for fulfillment always, finding solutions in the present moment, giving up your 'story', giving attention to the doing, honoring what comes into the present moment, allowing life to unfold with ease and (the biggest takeaway for me) manifesting a new reality- but first knowing your state of consciousness! Who are you without the mind chatter?

He said that we are already on the spiritual path if we can hear the mind chatter- know it's there.

So how does one begin....?

Well as Mr Tolle stated by finding the small openness in you.....

Namaste ET

Now I am away to write my book!