Jan 31, 2012

More than just a detox

I recently got back from a cruising holiday and embarked on a detox run by Whole Living. I am not really into detoxing as my days as a nurse taught me that our bodies actually detox themselves on a very regular basis (livers and kidney will do that). Yet a big part of me was excited about doing this detox, the meals didn't look terrifyingly boring and actually I was looking forward to eating in more often.

My husband and I often go out for food and our bank account shouts at us. So I was looking forward to buying fresh produce and cooking it myself and making lots of these yummy looking recipes. I was not disappointed either- they were gorgeous and even my husband looked up from his plate one day and said he couldn't believe you were allowed to eat this on a detox it tasted so good (that was the dish above).
What I didn't expect to get out of banishing alcohol, gluten, caffeine, dairy and sugar from my diet was clarity. Complete clarity in many ways.
As my body is becoming more alkaline, my head is becoming clearer, my emotions more in check, my decision making becoming easier, my digestion singing to me from someplace happy and I am so much more mindful of the whisperings of my body.

I am also so very proud of myself as I thought that after day 3 I would be dragged kicking and screaming from the nearest coffee shop. Nope, think the weak coffee on the ship had weaned me off and after day 4 I was still waiting for the massive headache to kick in. It never did!

I have realised that eating this way can be more than pleasurable and that I really enjoy cooking my own meals. When I start to reintroduce gluten and dairy, I will be very interested to see how my body reacts as I believe I have a slight intolerance to these food groups.

So this was more than just a detox, for me this was a holistic look into the very workings of my mind, what happens when I give myself the rest it needs (which I so needed on days 2-4), what kind of person I wish to be, what kind of person I can turn into when I let my emotions run away with me and how much I miss exercise (fast exercise) which I haven't been able to do whilst on the detox. Though now into week 3 my energy is returning stronger than ever, I have shed more weight than I think I put on when cruising and I feel vibrant!

All of the information is on the Whole Living website and they have some super great recipes on there for when you finish the detox. If you wish to give yourself the gift of knowing yourself more intimately (all free) then I heartedly encourage you (even if you haven't been overindulging) to give it a whirl. I think you'll thank me :)

It can be a great thing to do before embarking on a coaching journey and I will recommend it to all of my new clients in the future!

Jan 24, 2012

Meeting the man of my dreams

This is a picture of me with Dr Wayne Dyer. I call him the man of my dreams as I have had many that he has appeared in.
I recently went on a two week cruise around the South Pacific. It was a Hay House event and I attended two seminars. One was Mastering The Art of Manifestation with Dr Dyer and the other was Write, Speak, Promote: Become a Mover & Shaker with Cheryl Richardson (an author and coach) and Reid Tracy the CEO of Hay House.

I learnt a few things about myself on this cruise and I wanted to share some of them.

Number 1- I don't have to be famous to impact people's lives.
This one surprised me. I thought I knew that about myself but only realised whilst on this cruise that I didn't actually 100% believe it. I am always thinking that I need to be all over the internet, be followed by loads of people and be adored by the public to make a difference but I heard a saying on the course which said to be a star in your own backyard and I recalled how many of my clients have given me great feedback and this means more to me than having thousands of followers on twitter. I am not on TV and don't have a book out (yet) and this is actually okay. I am no longer willing to rush my life and feel totally overwhelmed to get that. My new friend Terri Cole (whom I met on the cruise) told me I am exactly where I need to be right now. If you ever need a therapist who rocks then go to her website...she's awesome.

Number 2- I am not ready to write my book yet.
There I was at a Write, Speak, Promote seminar and I realised that I was not ready to write my book yet. This was lovely to realise and I actually almost cried when they said it takes 10 years to become an overnight success. I don't know where I am on the 10 year scale but I reckon I still have a long way to go. I have stopped and started this business (or was that just in my head) a zillion times. Okay so I am not ready to write my book but that doesn't mean I am not ready to rock my business.

Number 3- I change when I put people on pedestals.
For years I have put people on pedestals and then I get all weird and silly when I am near them and act all awed by them. I got invited to a private cocktail party where Dr Dyer was the main attraction. He was swarmed by women getting pictures and autographs. I was having a great conversation with another very cool person I met on the cruise Lisa Brockwell and I thought if I was meant to meet him I would.
A few days later he was taking his daily walk around the deck and I managed to have a few shared private moments and a picture taken with him. I realsied that he is just a person and my new mantra is that the light in me is equal to the light in him. I practice this now when I start to get starstruck with people. For years I have given all my light away but I'm claiming it back.

What new things have you learned during the holidays I wonder....? Sometimes it pays to challenge our thinking and find that what we once believed to be true is now false.

Jan 2, 2012


Yes I am a Gaga Fan. Anyone who has messages like hers to share with the world get's my vote!!

Love this duet xx It's super cute, funky, delightful and JaZzY.....

Getting me in holiday mode- I go on a Hay House cruise round the South Pacific very soon and will aim to blog about it depending on Wifi...Cheryl Richardson, Wayne Dyer & Reid Tracy sharing their wisdom with workshop participants over 13 days!!!

Jan 1, 2012

Ocean Meditation

I spent many lazy days up at my in-laws house on the Kapiti Coast this Christmas and took this little Ocean Meditation whilst walking slowly along the beach.

As you watch it I invite you to put in place an intention for yourself for 2012. Breathe deeply in and release this intention forth.