Jan 24, 2012

Meeting the man of my dreams

This is a picture of me with Dr Wayne Dyer. I call him the man of my dreams as I have had many that he has appeared in.
I recently went on a two week cruise around the South Pacific. It was a Hay House event and I attended two seminars. One was Mastering The Art of Manifestation with Dr Dyer and the other was Write, Speak, Promote: Become a Mover & Shaker with Cheryl Richardson (an author and coach) and Reid Tracy the CEO of Hay House.

I learnt a few things about myself on this cruise and I wanted to share some of them.

Number 1- I don't have to be famous to impact people's lives.
This one surprised me. I thought I knew that about myself but only realised whilst on this cruise that I didn't actually 100% believe it. I am always thinking that I need to be all over the internet, be followed by loads of people and be adored by the public to make a difference but I heard a saying on the course which said to be a star in your own backyard and I recalled how many of my clients have given me great feedback and this means more to me than having thousands of followers on twitter. I am not on TV and don't have a book out (yet) and this is actually okay. I am no longer willing to rush my life and feel totally overwhelmed to get that. My new friend Terri Cole (whom I met on the cruise) told me I am exactly where I need to be right now. If you ever need a therapist who rocks then go to her website...she's awesome.

Number 2- I am not ready to write my book yet.
There I was at a Write, Speak, Promote seminar and I realised that I was not ready to write my book yet. This was lovely to realise and I actually almost cried when they said it takes 10 years to become an overnight success. I don't know where I am on the 10 year scale but I reckon I still have a long way to go. I have stopped and started this business (or was that just in my head) a zillion times. Okay so I am not ready to write my book but that doesn't mean I am not ready to rock my business.

Number 3- I change when I put people on pedestals.
For years I have put people on pedestals and then I get all weird and silly when I am near them and act all awed by them. I got invited to a private cocktail party where Dr Dyer was the main attraction. He was swarmed by women getting pictures and autographs. I was having a great conversation with another very cool person I met on the cruise Lisa Brockwell and I thought if I was meant to meet him I would.
A few days later he was taking his daily walk around the deck and I managed to have a few shared private moments and a picture taken with him. I realsied that he is just a person and my new mantra is that the light in me is equal to the light in him. I practice this now when I start to get starstruck with people. For years I have given all my light away but I'm claiming it back.

What new things have you learned during the holidays I wonder....? Sometimes it pays to challenge our thinking and find that what we once believed to be true is now false.