Nov 30, 2011

Here’s what I know to be true

Here’s what I know to be true:

That my eyes are blue

That my mouth is big

That my legs and arms are stronger than they’ve ever been

That I could spend all day in the arms of my husband

That I love the sunshine

That I can devour books as if they are going to be lost to me somehow

That I adore chocolate

That I love puppies (even when they become full grown Dogs)

That I love meditating

That I love exercise even more

That I am so very passionate about people living a life they love

That life is so precious and short so we shouldn’t F*c* it up

That I have a theme for each year of my life

That I dance crazily even when I know people might be watching

That I am completely in love with my husband

That I love lots

That I cuddle people probably more than they would like

That I can get really shitty when it is that time of the month

That I sometimes take my weaknesses out on other people

That my ego is dissolving more and more each day

That I am just me

Authentic, relaxed, content, upset, vulnerable


Nov 25, 2011

Scrummy Granloa

I wanted to share this recipe with you. It was originally found here and I have adapted it a little to suit me and my Weightwatchers points (7 pro points per half cup). I only have half a cup in the morning and add some fruit and low-fat milk. It is simply delicious and scrummy and I really look forward to eating it before my workout!

So here it is:

I use these particular Oats but any quick-cooking oats will do. Spread 495 grams on 2 baking sheets. Bake for 10 minutes in 180 degrees celsius.

Then in a mixing bowl you want to add;

50 grams of Wheatgerm

55 grams of Raw Sugar (I use this one as it is low GI but you can use what you prefer)

I usually use 60 grams of raw crushed cashews but I was out today so I threw in some chopped Almonds and Brazil nuts (roughly 40 grams mixed).

50 grams of Sunflower Seeds. You can also add Pumpkin Seeds but they add more points for me so I don't add them.

35 grams of desiccated Coconut and 60 grams of Raisins (I finished all of mine so couldn't snap a pic...

Mix all of this together with a spoon or clean hands!

By this time your oats will be ready to come out of the oven. Shovel them into the bowl and mix again (you may want to use a spoon to stop your hands burning though :)

Then you want to add in:

30 grams of Coconut Oil

100 grams of Maple Syrup (the real maple syrup not that flavoured stuff)!!!

1/2 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract (I add this into the Maple Syrup)

Mix it all and try to get most of the mixture a little coated in the coconut oil and syrup.

Place on the baking sheets and pop back in the oven for 10 minutes. Please be careful and watch it though as my first ever batch got a little burnt in 8 minutes. Fine the second time though after about 9 and a half minutes.

Allow it to cool then transfer to a container for storage.

I usually have mine with:

& A dusting of healthy cinnamon.....

I do hope you enjoy this delicious nutritious breakfast, I know me and my husband do.

Let me know if you tried it!! ♥

Nov 23, 2011

An Ethical Nudge

We are reading more and more about ethical business.

We are becoming ethical consumers. At least I hope we are.

A business whose products and services are made ethically with minimal harm to people, animals and the environment.

Would you want to purchase from anywhere else?

I know I wouldn’t.

I am proud to be a positive buyer. If its cruelty-free (I‘m vegetarian), recycled, organic, biodynamic, fair trade or re-used then chances are it will be in my basket. I shop at Commonsense Organics here in Wellington and I try to get most of my fresh produce from the market (locally grown). Sometimes the need to go to New World (a supermarket) is required though!

I became a vegetarian again at 32 (I was one from ages 12-18) because I could simply not be so two-faced as to state that LOVE is my highest value and then dig into a bloody steak or make a vat of chili with mincemeat.

I do however (and I am so ashamed to admit this) still occasionally wear my leather jacket!!!! I know it is awful and yet it is one jacket that seems to go well with lots of different outfits.

Does this make me a fraud? Don’t answer that…

So we are becoming more aware of who to do business with and who to avoid like the plague.

For 2012 I would like to know more about how I can buy more ethically and I would urge you to do some digging too.

If we all move from cruelty to cruelty-free and caged to free range then we can take a step in an ethical direction.

I’ll have to re-think the leather jacket…

Photo above Creative Commons: Andy Roberts Photos

Nov 21, 2011

Clearing the Space

So I am clearing the space today for my writing month...

I am pondering whether or not I am simply putting some more space between now and when I begin to write.

I love writing, adore it and I do not do enough of it.

Sometimes I like the non-doing. Is what I imagine in my head going to come out right? I may be because I like a clean slate before I begin a new project so I am giving myself this one day. This one day to tidy up files on my mac, to file away other projects, to sort out 3 boxes in the corner of my home office which have been waiting patiently for me, to listen to many a podcast (on my playlist for some time), to put in order which books I want to read next on my kindle (I know this sounds pretty weird but hey it pleases me).

The words will simply have to wait patiently in me until tomorrow or perhaps I will do what I always do and wake in the middle of the night with them flying around me!

There is nothing better than a freshly clean desk with a bunch of flowers sitting on it and my pad, pen and laptop looking up at me with anticipation.

What will she write? Will she pour out her heart? Will she be real and true? How long will it take? Will anyone read it? Will it be published and if so by whom? Will it sell? Will it change someone's life? Will it give someone hope and comfort?

Lots of questions can arise and many will go unanswered for now. Before something can be real it must first be imagined...imagined and then worked towards with an air of surrender and from a place of vulnerability.

Nov 18, 2011

Nothing's gonna bring me down

This happy tune is sure to uplift you this Friday...the gorgeous Paolo Nutini doing his acoustic version of Pencil Full of Lead!!

Have a dance and ENJOY :)

Nov 17, 2011

Push gently

When we begin to move out of the confines of our limited thinking mind great and wonderful opportunities can appear.

I was one of those people who started out my business in Australia a few years back and thought everyone would just come to me. Why wasn't the phone ringing off the hook? Why was I not attracting these amazing clients I so wished to see succeed in life?

Was it maybe because I was sitting in my home office expecting everyone would know about me?

Yes actually, it was. Yes, that was me. I felt sad and unloved and whom I have no idea. They, I guess. Those "they" people we all talk about. If you have met this "they" can you please tell them from me that "they" suck??

It took a lot of courage for me but when I started off my business here in NZ back in June, I was told by my coach that I needed to push outside of that comfort zone and start talking to people.

It was so scary for me. I love chatting with people but I thought I had to be all business like and serious and wear a suit for people to relate to me.

You know what though...? I actually didn't have to.

I found that by just being myself and truly remaining authentic (one of my highest values) the right people came into my life, the right doors are opening and whilst I do not have a hugely successful business yet, I continue to believe it will only be a matter of time :)

So I guess my message is this: if you stay within the confines of your limited thinking and comfort zone you will continue to remain there but if you gently push the walls a little, poke and prod them who knows what might happen. Gosh, maybe even your dreams could become a reality...imagine that....the possibilities are endless cause I tell you what...When you push and grow even a little the comfort zone gets bigger and then you think...hmmm I did that and now I feel comfortable- what else might happen if I push further.

So instead of feeling boxed, squashed and unloved like I did, push past the walls of your own making and peek into the world with a fresh set of eyes, rub away the past and smile into your future!

Nov 16, 2011


"Respect denotes both a positive feeling of esteem for a person or other entity" Wikipedia

We all want to feel respected right? Am I right?

I believe so.

In the working world I hear so many people say that they in no way whatsoever feel respected in their workspace.

Where has respect gone? Did it vanish? If so, how do we get it back? Do you respect yourself? If not, why not?

So we spend most of our days working. This is a fact for many of us.
If we work in a team environment the chances are we are working with other human beings.
If we work with other human beings, chances are that we interact with them in some way almost every single day. Even if it's just to ask them to pass the stapler.

Chances are when respect is lacking or absent for ourselves and others, problems can occur.
Problems by the names of hostility, irritability, sarcasm and suspicion.
Hmmm those don't sound very nice. From my experience this can lead to workplace conflicts, bullying, paranoia, frustration, low morale, decreased productivity, negativity and a whole other host of nasty things.

So imagine if you worked somewhere where they respected one another. You respected yourself and your team members, your manager and your clients.
So chances are when respect is present and around the workspace will be peaceful, calm, positive and nice.
Ahhh that sounds much better. From my experience this can lead to workplace harmony, inclusion, relaxation, increased morale, increased productivity, positivity and a whole host of other nice things.

So how do we foster a respectful workplace?

Here are some suggestions to show respct for others and for yourself:

Be Compassionate to others- embodying kindness and genuine compassion which is defined as a deep awareness of the suffering of another with the wish to decrease it.

Be Understanding- truly listen to other people and don't just fill the space with talk and think you know what they are going to say. Practice being quiet and letting someone really talk and don't feel you need to fix everything but be that support for someone else.

Be Empathetic- this kind of goes hand in hand with compassion. Recognise when others are suffering and share feelings with them without getting too involved and taking on their suffering.

Be Mindful- Think before you speak. Ask yourself what benefit what you are about to say brings. If it is not kind and not helpful keep your mouth closed.

Be a Conscious Communicator- Interact authentically with those around you. Be honest and open and do what you say you are going to do.

All of these things will go some way to promote a less stressful working environment and encourage respect in your workspace.

It all starts with you...

Nov 15, 2011

Create Your Own

Creating your own map takes courage.

I can read an awful lot of business type books and apply what I learned.

Or I can take the wisdom, pick the pieces that work for me and place the rest gently down for someone else to pick up.

Or I can simply read what others are doing and then laugh as I go about failing and succeeding in my own unique way.

Sometimes I feel a slight pressure when I look at all the amazing things happening out there in the world. People are doing awesome things, really astounding and creative and brilliant things.

Sometimes I hear a voice in my head asking me (it is gentle) hey, when are you going to come up with something astounding, amazing and brilliant?

You know what I hear myself answer...I may and I may not!

When I hear that I can sometimes feel defeated but I know that inside me my map is just waiting patiently to be drawn.

The pencils are there, the paper is fresh and hasn't yet felt the beauty of creation. It is ready and waiting and all I have to do is pick up the utensils, set my mind to create and begin.

Gosh though, it's a challenge it is....

My November and December are going to be all about getting my book complete. My own unique work of art that has been patiently waiting for me to be ready to finish it...

I say finish because I have actually began....many many times and always managed to tell myself that it wasn't the right time.

Yet now I wake up in the middle of the night with the most wonderful passages that linger on the edges of my dreams and speak at first in whispers then in a clear clear that I can no longer ignore or push aside with comments such as "Hmmm, maybe, but not yet."

The time is now and I wonder what project or creation your uniqueness will bring to light.

If we don't just go ahead with it, the voice will only get louder and the map will remain undrawn and wouldn't that be sad.

I once read something on a wall in Byron Bay and it ended:

"life is never really that tragic so start smiling and spread the magic."

Can you begin to spread your magic even if it's just a few words or pictures on a fresh sheet?

Nov 12, 2011

When will you?

When will your feet be satisfied with the ground they walk on?

When will the dreams you dream become yours to hold?

When will you look at yourself in the mirror with complete and utter love for the person looking back?

When will you hold your loved one in your arms and not want one single thing about them to change?

When will you just be yourself with no thoughts of changing how you should come across to others?

When will you create your own map and follow it with conviction?

When will you sing your song for the world to marvel at?

When will you be the unique expression of yourself whilst being at one with the world?

When will you think you are good enough?

When will you give pieces of yourself away like candy?

When will you speak to yourself as you would a small child, with gentleness and ease?

When will you......?

Nov 11, 2011


What better time to revive my Safe Space Blog than 11.11.11

I know to any readers who may be stopping by from other time zones that it is still 10.11.

I spent the first part of the morning doing some lovely yoga here, a lovely spot! I then had a gorgeous coffee at Customs in Te Aro, then I came home and had a delightful shower, meditation and have spent the day talking with a beautiful friend about life and loss and writing out a plan for my book which I am also reviving. So today has been about me getting honest by ending my other blog and being true to myself!

The sun has been shining in Wellington today and my husband just told me he is getting the earlier flight back from his business trip and will be here early tomorrow morning.

All is good in the world and I have much to feel blessed about.

What did you get up to on 11.11.11?