Nov 11, 2011


What better time to revive my Safe Space Blog than 11.11.11

I know to any readers who may be stopping by from other time zones that it is still 10.11.

I spent the first part of the morning doing some lovely yoga here, a lovely spot! I then had a gorgeous coffee at Customs in Te Aro, then I came home and had a delightful shower, meditation and have spent the day talking with a beautiful friend about life and loss and writing out a plan for my book which I am also reviving. So today has been about me getting honest by ending my other blog and being true to myself!

The sun has been shining in Wellington today and my husband just told me he is getting the earlier flight back from his business trip and will be here early tomorrow morning.

All is good in the world and I have much to feel blessed about.

What did you get up to on 11.11.11?