Nov 17, 2011

Push gently

When we begin to move out of the confines of our limited thinking mind great and wonderful opportunities can appear.

I was one of those people who started out my business in Australia a few years back and thought everyone would just come to me. Why wasn't the phone ringing off the hook? Why was I not attracting these amazing clients I so wished to see succeed in life?

Was it maybe because I was sitting in my home office expecting everyone would know about me?

Yes actually, it was. Yes, that was me. I felt sad and unloved and whom I have no idea. They, I guess. Those "they" people we all talk about. If you have met this "they" can you please tell them from me that "they" suck??

It took a lot of courage for me but when I started off my business here in NZ back in June, I was told by my coach that I needed to push outside of that comfort zone and start talking to people.

It was so scary for me. I love chatting with people but I thought I had to be all business like and serious and wear a suit for people to relate to me.

You know what though...? I actually didn't have to.

I found that by just being myself and truly remaining authentic (one of my highest values) the right people came into my life, the right doors are opening and whilst I do not have a hugely successful business yet, I continue to believe it will only be a matter of time :)

So I guess my message is this: if you stay within the confines of your limited thinking and comfort zone you will continue to remain there but if you gently push the walls a little, poke and prod them who knows what might happen. Gosh, maybe even your dreams could become a reality...imagine that....the possibilities are endless cause I tell you what...When you push and grow even a little the comfort zone gets bigger and then you think...hmmm I did that and now I feel comfortable- what else might happen if I push further.

So instead of feeling boxed, squashed and unloved like I did, push past the walls of your own making and peek into the world with a fresh set of eyes, rub away the past and smile into your future!