Nov 30, 2011

Here’s what I know to be true

Here’s what I know to be true:

That my eyes are blue

That my mouth is big

That my legs and arms are stronger than they’ve ever been

That I could spend all day in the arms of my husband

That I love the sunshine

That I can devour books as if they are going to be lost to me somehow

That I adore chocolate

That I love puppies (even when they become full grown Dogs)

That I love meditating

That I love exercise even more

That I am so very passionate about people living a life they love

That life is so precious and short so we shouldn’t F*c* it up

That I have a theme for each year of my life

That I dance crazily even when I know people might be watching

That I am completely in love with my husband

That I love lots

That I cuddle people probably more than they would like

That I can get really shitty when it is that time of the month

That I sometimes take my weaknesses out on other people

That my ego is dissolving more and more each day

That I am just me

Authentic, relaxed, content, upset, vulnerable