Nov 21, 2011

Clearing the Space

So I am clearing the space today for my writing month...

I am pondering whether or not I am simply putting some more space between now and when I begin to write.

I love writing, adore it and I do not do enough of it.

Sometimes I like the non-doing. Is what I imagine in my head going to come out right? I may be because I like a clean slate before I begin a new project so I am giving myself this one day. This one day to tidy up files on my mac, to file away other projects, to sort out 3 boxes in the corner of my home office which have been waiting patiently for me, to listen to many a podcast (on my playlist for some time), to put in order which books I want to read next on my kindle (I know this sounds pretty weird but hey it pleases me).

The words will simply have to wait patiently in me until tomorrow or perhaps I will do what I always do and wake in the middle of the night with them flying around me!

There is nothing better than a freshly clean desk with a bunch of flowers sitting on it and my pad, pen and laptop looking up at me with anticipation.

What will she write? Will she pour out her heart? Will she be real and true? How long will it take? Will anyone read it? Will it be published and if so by whom? Will it sell? Will it change someone's life? Will it give someone hope and comfort?

Lots of questions can arise and many will go unanswered for now. Before something can be real it must first be imagined...imagined and then worked towards with an air of surrender and from a place of vulnerability.