Nov 15, 2011

Create Your Own

Creating your own map takes courage.

I can read an awful lot of business type books and apply what I learned.

Or I can take the wisdom, pick the pieces that work for me and place the rest gently down for someone else to pick up.

Or I can simply read what others are doing and then laugh as I go about failing and succeeding in my own unique way.

Sometimes I feel a slight pressure when I look at all the amazing things happening out there in the world. People are doing awesome things, really astounding and creative and brilliant things.

Sometimes I hear a voice in my head asking me (it is gentle) hey, when are you going to come up with something astounding, amazing and brilliant?

You know what I hear myself answer...I may and I may not!

When I hear that I can sometimes feel defeated but I know that inside me my map is just waiting patiently to be drawn.

The pencils are there, the paper is fresh and hasn't yet felt the beauty of creation. It is ready and waiting and all I have to do is pick up the utensils, set my mind to create and begin.

Gosh though, it's a challenge it is....

My November and December are going to be all about getting my book complete. My own unique work of art that has been patiently waiting for me to be ready to finish it...

I say finish because I have actually began....many many times and always managed to tell myself that it wasn't the right time.

Yet now I wake up in the middle of the night with the most wonderful passages that linger on the edges of my dreams and speak at first in whispers then in a clear clear that I can no longer ignore or push aside with comments such as "Hmmm, maybe, but not yet."

The time is now and I wonder what project or creation your uniqueness will bring to light.

If we don't just go ahead with it, the voice will only get louder and the map will remain undrawn and wouldn't that be sad.

I once read something on a wall in Byron Bay and it ended:

"life is never really that tragic so start smiling and spread the magic."

Can you begin to spread your magic even if it's just a few words or pictures on a fresh sheet?