Dec 5, 2011

Holiday Stress Begone

I think we would be best if we bagged our stresses this holiday season!

I invite you to pull up a mental list of all the things which you are allowing to stress you this festive season.
Here's what a lot of people stress about at this time of year:
  • Spending time with family (I am sure there some of your nearest are not your dearest)
  • Shopping in crowded retail outlets and shopping malls
  • Going to numerous Christmas Parties (some people don't like to party)
  • Rushing to get last minute things done at work before you leave for the holidays
  • Financial worries (after all little Timmy really wants that expensive .............. this Christmas)
  • Writing numerous Christmas Cards and finding that 'just right pressie' for someone
  • Trying to squeeze in the gym workouts (after all we all want to look fabulous in our Christmas outfits
  • Panic about shopping for the actual Christmas Meal!!
  • Will there be enough Milk and Cookies for Santa :)
We can sometimes get ourselves in such a tizzy over all that we must do. But must you really?

Can you simply enjoy the family, shop at night or online, say no to some Christmas invites, delegate at work or allow yourself to leave something off the list, get Timmy something less expensive and tell him about some kids in the world who have nada, send digital cards or declare you are going to spare some trees this Christmas and not send any (gasp), be happy with the body you have and walk during your lunch break instead, have a system wherby everyone chips in during prepping and cooking time, give Santa some carrots instead (after all it's the reindeer we love really)....

We are the only ones who put the pressure on really. People can never make us feel anything- we choose how we think and act ourselves.

You may want to dismiss tradition this year or plan to for next year.

I know, how about you write down every single thing that you found irritating and stressful this year and then keep the list as a reminder of what not to do next time!

You will be way nicer to be around if you don't allow the stress to bring you down and cause you anxiety. You will smile more. You will be more relaxed and present. You will not be bothered by a burnt turkey or a lumpy bread sauce...You will just be watching from the sidelines with a smile on your face :)

Invite yourself to be joyful not woeful this Season!!!!!!
Imagine placing all the stresses in a big sack and throwing it in the dumpster xx

Creative Commons Picture by Axel Buhrmann


Delwyn said...

Hi there Yvonne
how nice to hear from you again. I wrote you an email but it returned, must have been your Au email address.

How is NZ?

I plan to visit CHCH very soon to see my Mum.

Yvonne Anderson said...

Yes it was the Au address Delwyn.

Life in NZ is different but I am starting to like it more and more and fall in love with the pace here :)

Are you going to be in Wellington at all? I would love to shout you a coffee :)