Dec 9, 2011

Listen to the whispers of your body

I am beyond thrilled that there are people like Lissa who talk openly about the truth about health. The real truth and what I have seen over and over in my life as a nurse although I could never say it out loud as people looked at me strangely,tutted and shook their heads.
I can say it now though- I believe that everything that goes on in the body (sickness, illness, stress) has got everything to do with how we think and how we are living and showing up in the world.
Heal the old emotional wounds, live fiercely from the heart, be content, be responsible, connect spiritually, leave badness behind you, rid yourself of limiting beliefs and courageously set forth in life with motivation, inspiration, empowerment and positivity and you will thrive.

I am so passionate about this that I am making myself into a living example for my clients.

  • Healthy Professional life- Work for self
  • Healthy Spiritual life- Meditation, connection to self and others, prayer
  • Healthy Financial life- I am sensible with finances whilst still enjoying life
  • Healthy Body- I have lost a significant amount of weight this year and exercise 6 days a week & nourish my body with healthy foods
  • Healthy Relationships- I am content with my friendships, marriage & family
  • Expressing myself creatively- I write, I create projects
  • Healthy sex life- Well...I'm not talking about that here :)
  • Healthy environment- I live in a rather clean small city
  • Mentally healthy- As I said above- I meditate regularly, I also journal, coach myself and surround myself with people who nurture me, I practice gratitude
I am by no means perfect but consider myself a work in progress. I enjoy great health. I live from a place of abundance and love rather than a place of fear.

I may take up some form of art next year to assist me in developing more creative juices!

Please do as Lissa says "Stop doing what you should and start doing what you feel."

Your body and the world will thank you.


Lissa Rankin said...

Bless you for sharing the message I'm so passionate about spreading!
Love and blessings

Yvonne Anderson said...

Thanks for commenting and connecting Lissa! I didn't expect that. Another sign to me that you are a true lover of people spreading the passion :)