Dec 7, 2011

Create Your Own Beautiful Reality

How about we create a beautiful reality for ourselves?

My beautiful reality looks a little something like this:

  • I don't concern myself with the little things (which used to annoy the H out of me)
  • I see things for what they are, not how I would prefer them to be
  • I act from a space of pure abundance, not fear
  • I choose to work for myself as I need to respect a manager and this is not always possible
  • I choose to surround myself with beautiful things- the picture above is a recent gift I gave myself
  • I buy beautiful Peonies when I wish to surround myself with oodles of gorgeousness!
  • I buy myself little treats that make me ooh and ahh like this gorgeous Raspberry Vanilla cupcake
  • I tend to distance myself from people who constantly complain, lower my energy or talk at me instead of with me
  • I question my beliefs a lot
  • I stay fit and healthy (which allows me to enjoy all these yummy cupcakes)
  • I speak gently to myself
  • I dance around the house to my favourite music
  • I spend heaps of time with people who are vibrating at the same frequency and are open to new ideas
  • I aim to learn something new every single day
  • I don't judge people
  • I keep myself resilient to the stresses in life by meditating, exercising and feeding myself nutrition packed food
  • I write in a journal to capture many moment of my life so I can use it as a tool for my own growth
  • I aim to assist people in creating their own beautiful reality
  • I choose inspiring thoughts instead of reading into disempowering ones
  • I have created a safe space in my life- a nook carved out just for me (more on this in later posts- I will have some free stuff on this for readers on my site)
  • I practice and actively promote conscious communication
  • I respect myself
If you were thinking of your life as a beautiful painting, what would you like to paint there?