Dec 20, 2011

Settle into the now

Sometimes we get so caught up in the Christmas rush, attending parties, wrapping presents, putting up decorations, shopping, cooking etc.

We forget where we are in all of the madness sometimes.

Whilst reading this post (if you have given yourself the time- it is short) I invite you to settle in the now...this very second. Meet yourself where you are right now...pause...breathe...drop those shoulders that you have been wearing like earrings and simply be......

Smile, place your hand on your heart and make a small promise of finding just one moment in the holiday season to do this very quick but very effective practice for yourself. Even if it means excusing yourself when with family and going to the bathroom to do it.

Your mind and body (not to mention your family- although not knowing it) will thank you for this little 'breather'.

Enjoy the break and celebrate your precious life....