Dec 15, 2011

Bless Fest!!

I was thinking today of all the wonderful people I get to work with and what they have shared with me about our journey together. I felt very blessed and so thought I would share this with other people.

Who are the people you have worked with?

Who are the people who inspire and empower you?

Have you told them lately how much them being in your life means to you?

Could you?

It's Christmas- write a testimonial for someone who you think rocks! Give someone a gift to say thank you or a beautiful handwritten note (these days it is all about the Facebook or Twitter and not enough about the handmade cards). Or look/think of some of the lovely things people have said about or to you. Have a bless fest of your very own!

Beautiful words and actions can have a beautiful impact and shares the love around. I am off to write some myself but here are a few people have written to me:

To whom it may concern:

Since engaging Yvonne Anderson as a coach, I have much gained much more clarity around myself and my actions.

The number of ‘ah ha’ moments has been quite remarkable.

Yvonne’s means and methods of enabling me to have self-insight and to then move forward, has been invaluable. Her help has been instrumental in my (at last) finishing off my novel draft, and dispelling my internal belief that I never finish anything.

I thoroughly recommend Yvonne as a guide and prompter of knowledge about that most important person – yourself.

Peter Kerr, Karori, New Zealand

Working with Yvonne allowed me to dedicate an hour of my time to ME! Yes, it sounds insignificant or perhaps even silly but I found that by working with her to focus on myself, learn and then challenge myself, I have finally started to turn that really loooooooong list of things to do into things that are being done. I came into coaching feeling generally happy with most aspects of my life but just wanting to kick it into a higher gear; feeling like something was missing without being able to pin-point what it was. Things I thought were the big issues (like work conflicts, new positions), upon reflection, have paled in significance against far more exciting ventures like travel - fulfilling my childhood dream of getting a one-way ticket to Europe! I also learned there were things in my "happy" basket that I wanted to work on - like how to argue, discuss and debate with my girlfriend, a feisty, passionate and loving partner. Add into that fitting into a pair of jeans I haven't been able to wear for over 6 months and I am now a very happy little camper!!!

K.H, Implementations & Training Manager, IT company, Melbourne

“I came to Yvonne to try and find my life’s passion and along the way managed to learn more about myself than I thought possible. Yvonne’s style is very laid back and I’ve found her to be a great sounding board for many an idea. Her methods and ideas are based on a variety of her own and others practical experiences. This coupled with her sunny personality and great sense of humour has made our sessions extremely rewarding and buckets of fun. She has opened this often very pragmatic personality to a range of new thoughts and ideas, which I have enjoyed immensely……can’t thank her enough or recommend her too highly!

…oh and did I find my life’s passion? You bet I did!”

PB, FAST, a Microsoft Subsidiary, Melbourne

"Yvonne has a way of getting to the heart of what's blocking you in a gentle and loving way and I always felt much stronger and more focused after our sessions. She works very intuitively and I felt very comfortable and safe talking with her about everything I was experiencing, learning so much about myself and my own role in the unhappy life I had created. I think the name "Safe Space Coaching" is perfect for the work Yvonne does, I trusted her straight away as we discussed even my most upsetting experiences with clarity, wisdom and humour. I am very grateful to Yvonne and would highly recommend her as a coach to anyone who is ready to make positive changes in their life. I now consider Yvonne to be a friend."

Abbie Berman, Wellington, New Zealand

I lead quite a stressful life and wanted to see if meditation would help me in any way. I first went to Yvonne to learn about meditation and to see what it could bring to my life. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into but when we sat down to first talk about it I found that Yvonne does not base her meditation on 1 religion or 1 correct way of doing it, she informs and teaches you all different methods and whatever works for you is what she sticks with which I think is great!

Her teaching skills are amazing, she is very thoughtful and patient and is very comfortable to be around. The meditations themselves that Yvonne has taught me are just fantastic and have completely changed my life around from being very stressful to being able to control that stress whereas before I didn’t have the tools. I would, and have, highly recommended Yvonne to a lot of people with no doubt in my mind that she will give her all to look after and teach them as she has with me. She is a gifted wonderful person and I am so happy that I have her as a mentor. C.S, Account Manager, Wellington

“Having Yvonne as a coach has been a turning point in my life. She helped me getting in contact with my values, learning to manage my energy, finding awareness; almost every session was a highlight experience!”

Elsa Wohler, Property Manager, New York, USA

“Yvonne was a great support for me during my coaching sessions. With her excellent listening skills, productive feedback and powerful questions she assisted me in clarifying my goals in both my personal life and career then guided me to achieve them. Achieving these goals has given me a renewed confidence and vitality in being able to tackle any other goals I come across.”

Ivana Williamson, Sales Manager, Melbourne, Australia